About the Role : is looking for a Chief Data Scientist who can drive the AI/NLP engine that powers its service predictions. Our technology solves hitherto unsolved issues in the Service Intelligence space to create impactful category-defining products.

Builder mindset: We are looking for individuals who are craving to create an impact in an AI-first Enterprise SaaS world.


  • Lead’s core AI/NLP technology that is at the heart of our service prediction engine.
  • Understand our clients’ data, identify the signal from noise and build products that harness the intelligence in the signal.
  • Collaborate with the product, engineering, leadership team in the company.
  • Build a team of data scientists and data engineers that consists of the best minds in applied AI in the Service domain.
  • Invent/Apply path-breaking NLP/AI techniques and tools. Stay on top of the latest research in academia and industry.

  • Ability to operate in a highly ambiguous and fast-paced environment. Passionate about creating and building new products.
  • Deep experience and a rolodex built while selling into verticals like High Tech (Appliances/devices, High Tech Manufacturing), Medical devices, etc.
  • Experienced and talented NLP expert that has successfully rolled out Enterprise SaaS products in the CX space. Preferable Service. (7+ years).
  • Experience across the enterprise NLP and data science spectrum – data engineering, data pipelines, process large Enterprise datasets, deep learning modules to learn from the signal in the dataset, etc., and finally, make predictions. (7+ years).
  • Critical to have diverse heterogeneous dataset experience – CRM data, Document/Manuals, Device data such as log files, ERP/Engineering datasets, IoT, etc.
  • Expertise in data modeling and ontology detection techniques.
  • A good combination of startup experience + a large enterprise company mix is a huge plus.
  • Experience in rolling out NLP products in production for verticals such as High Tech, Medical device, Industrial appliance, High Tech manufacturing is great to have.

  • NLP toolkits such as NLTK, Spacy, Gensim, CoreNLP, OpenNLP.
  • Deep learning frameworks such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, Keras, or Theono.
  • Python, shell scripting.
  • Algorithms for regression and classification such as Gradient Boosting, SVM, CART, etc.
  • Machine learning toolkits such as sci-kit-learn, NumPy, SciPy, etc.
  • Text analytics, data analytics, deep learning architectures such as RNNs, LSTMs, CNNs, GRUs, Transformers, etc.
  • Computer vision, OCR techniques are an added advantage.

    This is a work-from-home position. Neuron7 executives have been a big proponent of work from home for more than a decade now, having perfected the art of remote work over multiple companies that they founded/ran. We place a high premium on our time and expect our employees to do the same. Recapturing commuting hours enriches life in a meaningful way!