N7 Readiness and Continuity​

N7 AI Readiness module

N7 Service Prediction Engine​

N7 Service Prediction Engine​

  • Rootcause & Repair Predictions
  • Incoming email parsing and enrichment
  • N7 Intelligent Questions
  • N7 Intelligent Answers
N7 Data Processing and Onboarding Module​

N7 within the day-in-a-life of CRM

  • N7 for Salesforce (AppExchange)
  • N7 for Microsoft D365 (Power App)

Unstructured to Structured

First Call Resolution using N7 Service Center Predictions

First Time Fix using N7 Field Service Predictions

N7 Intelligent Questions

N7 Intelligent Answers

N7 AI Readiness Module

Every customer is at a different stage in terms of their AI ready datasets and processes.
Inbuilt as part of our Service intelligence, this module enables every customer to start seeing predictions in 2 weeks and manage their future AI journey

  • Data Discovery: Pre-built module for ingestion, transformation, standardization and feature extraction
  • Reference/Meta data management
  • Expert mode: Human experience + AI results